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Colored Girl Wisdom

 Spreading the Word

       On Feb. 24,  I had the pleasure of appearing on CBSN's morning news with anchors Vlad Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green. We discussed my latest children's book, "Aria's Rockin' Poufs," and why I am passionate about uplifting little black girls and why I created Colored Girl Wisdom, LLC. 

     The self-affirming messages of "I am Aria" were shared on Jan. 16, 2020, on a Facebook Live presentation by Ms. Sherry Knight, principal at Capt. James Lawrence Elementary School in Burlington, N.J.

     Ms. Knight's weekly reading of children's books, "Knight Tales," has built a growing audience since she introduced it in 2019. Her goal is to encourage young students to embrace reading.

     Her reading of "I am Aria" was highlighted by rocking a custom-made crown, a symbol of Colored Girl Wisdom's mission of encouraging young girls to assume their rightful place in the world and stand in their power.

From The New Tri-State Defender, in Memphis, TN

Children's book-mission yields 'Aria's Crown' in series debut


     By Karanja A. Ajanaku 














     Bettinita Harris drew upon an oh-so-real experience with her granddaughter, Aria, to craft the story of "Aria's Crown." (Courtesy photo)


     People discover their missions in life in myriad ways, with others often the beneficiaries of the discovery. On Tuesday (Oct. 16), mission-minded Bettinita Harris debuted as a children’s book author, gifting readers with “Aria’s Crown.”

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