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Because That's the Way

Bria of colored girl wisdom a little black girl who is fearless

Divas Do It!!

     Meet Bria, the perfect combination of sweetness and sass!

    The roller-skating, Barbie-loving,

candy-eating, lipstick-wearing, sibling-tormenting 5-year-old kid is fearless.

     Don’t worry, this diva is mostly sweetness when it comes to friends and family. She loves nothing more than playing dress up with her dolls and dreaming of the day when she can wear her own lipstick.

     But even the bravest kid can be scared of something. For Bria, it’s bugs. Everybody knows that Bria does NOT like bugs.

Bria on roller skate, colored girl wisdom, uplifting black girls
Colored girl wisdom empowering black girls to embrace their power
Bria and Aria of colored girl wisdom encouraging black girls to take their rightful place in society
Bria of colored girl wisdom encouraging black girls to step into their powr
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