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'Nobody can stop me!'

     Every morning Queen-A leads Aria in a call and response of truths to prepare the little girl to overcome the world. It is a ritual Queen-A started with her daughter.

     "Who are you?" Queen-A begins.

     "I am Aria," Aria responds. "I am strong. I am beautiful. I am kind. And nobody can stop me."

      "What does your name mean?"

      "In Hebrew, my name means lion of God."

       And so it goes,  a back-and-forth ritual designed to fortify Aria's self-confidence.    

I am Aria. As an African American girl, Aria learns that her authenticity is her superpower.

Second book in the Sisters for Life,

Best Friends Forever series

"I am Aria" is the  second book in the series Sisters for Life, Best Friends Forever, published by Colored Girl Wisdom, LLC.  "Aria's Crown," is the first book in the series.

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