What readers say about Aria's Crown

— Margarita Venegas

“The book explores ... the importance of finding strength inside yourself and supporting that through education, understanding of yourself and others, and effectively filtering through life's challenges and the opinions of others. ”

In a world where black girls often are negatively labeled and marginalized, new children’s book “Aria’s Crown” regally enters and bestows messages of affirmation, encouragement and self love to those who have yet to discover their own crowns.

              -- Lookingforcomfort

Aria's Crown book cover, black girl

"Aria's Crown"

     To her granddaughters, Queen-A is a doting grandmother who lavishes them with gummies and tells stories about confidence, standing up for what you believe and loving yourself.

      But those stories prepare the young girls to embrace who they are as they strive to excel in a world where liberty and justice is not for all.

      In the story, Aria learns to define who she is and not to   accept labels that others put on her.

      “Aria’s Crown” is the first book in the series Sisters for Life, Best Friends Forever, published by Colored Girl Wisdom, LLC. The book was released in October 2018.8.  

black woman queen

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