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Every morning Queen-A leads Aria in a call and response of truths to prepare the little girl to overcome the world.

 Second book in Sisters for Life, Best Friends Forever series

Future books in the series

     One pouf. Two poufs. Three poufs. Four. Aria has always worn her kinky, coily curls in round poufs atop her head. But one day she no longer loved her poufs.

      Aria’s goal is to get on pink, the highest level on her classroom behavior chart.  But each day her good works are not being recognized.

     Follow the leader? Not Bria. Blend in? Definitely not Bria. She creates her own path and goes her own way. She is unapologetically Bria.


Royalty runs through your veins

         The task was simple. Visit elementary schools in        Philadelphia. Read "Aria's Crown" to students and            deliver a message that could change lives:

        In a world where black skin is seen as a threat,

        In a world that outlaws kinky hair, 

        I see you in a world that does not.

        I know the history. I know the sacrifice.

        Royalty  runs through your veins.


The making of a queen

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