The fourth book in Sisters for Life, Best Friends Forever series
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.   Greatness lives in Aria. But friends don’t believe it. The world can’t see it. Will the little black girl embrace her crown or will she surrender and settle?

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     Who roller skates down the hallway, almost crashing into the family dog, before landing in a pile of pillows?

      Who hides bags of Hershey chocolate bars, Skittles, bubble gum and Jolly Ranchers in her backpack, behind a rocking chair and underneath her bed?

     Who enjoys tormenting her older sister Aria by sneaking into her room? Swiping lip gloss. Hiding the TV remote.

      It’s Bria – the candy-eating, lipstick-wearing, Barbie-loving 5-year-old kid who is fearless. Except when it comes to bugs. Bria does NOT like bugs.

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     Aria is smart, strong and gifted. Yet the world’s portrait of Black girls is different. Who will Aria believe? Her choice determines her destiny.


     Aria wants to straighten her kinky, coily, curly hair. But is her desire really about hair. Or is the little brown-skinned girl trying to change herself to fit in and follow the crowd?


Royalty runs through your veins

         The task was simple. Visit elementary schools in Philadelphia. Read "Aria's Crown" to students and  deliver a message that could change lives:

        In a world where black skin is seen as a threat,

        In a world that outlaws kinky hair, 

        I see you in a world that does not.

        I know the history. I know the sacrifice.

        Royalty runs through your veins.


The making of a queen

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